Takamaka Rum Triumphs at the Asia Spirits Challenge 2023


Takamaka Rum has made a remarkable impact at the Asia Spirits Challenge 2023, held in Hong Kong, earning prestigious gold medals for their exceptional rum varieties. This year’s competition showcased the finest spirits from around the globe, celebrating excellence and innovation in the industry.

Award-Winning Spirits: Takamaka Rum stood out with their award-winning Extra Noir, Grankaz, Pti Lakaz, and Zepis Kreol. These accolades highlight the superior craftsmanship and unique flavors that Takamaka Rum brings to the spirits community. Each variety showcases the rich heritage and innovative techniques that define Takamaka Rum.

Commitment to Quality: Bernard and Richard D’Offay, the founders of Takamaka Rum, expressed immense pride in these achievements. Their dedication to creating high-quality rums that embody both tradition and innovation has been recognized on this prestigious platform. The win highlights their commitment to excellence and the art of rum making.

A Tradition of Excellence: Based in Seychelles, Takamaka Rum leverages the unique terroir and climate to produce their exceptional spirits. Their meticulous approach to blending and aging results in products that stand out for their complexity and flavor profiles. The range benefits from a variety of aging processes and flavor infusions, creating a diverse and impressive portfolio.

Global Recognition: Takamaka Rum is celebrated in international markets and recognized as a leading producer of fine rums. Their success at the Asia Spirits Challenge, judged by Asia’s most influential buyers, not only celebrates their craftsmanship but also sets a benchmark for innovation and quality in the industry.

For more details about the winners and the competition, visit the Asia Spirits Challenge website.